Kora (Purple marble collection)

Kora (Purple marble collection)


🥁 Introducing Kora 🥁 Our brand new 6D faux mink lashes are just 😍 6D lashes are basically 6 different layers on the lash band. Giving you the ultimate thiccccc, full lash look!


Why is she called Kora?


This lash is named after Kora Persphone, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She became the queen of the underworld after she was abducted by Hades 🥵


After her return from the underworld, it is said she is the embodiment of spring and the personification of vegetation which comes forth from the earth in spring and disappears into the earth after harvest.


To me, she represents rebirth and growth. So I want every gal who wears these I want to feel like a new person, feel free, feel YOU!